Equip Men and Women to Embrace Their God-Given Roles in the Church, the Home, and the World.Honour Jesus Christ our saviour through prayer and obedience to His word and the Holy Spirit.

Build strong christian families through love, care, protection and biblical values.Be a reader, knower and doer of the Word of God.

With no spiritual compass , most men and women are in spiritual bondage to debt, sin, addiction, depression, anger, etc.

Marriage once thought as sacred is no longer safe and protected as christian values are missing in families.Hence the need of the hour to build fellowship, encouragement,outreach, discipleship, ministry and conference programs to restore broken relationships.

As God's appointed spiritual head of the house,a man can lead his whole family to Christ. Men and women committed to growing in Christ can evagelize the lost. Rather than just gathering people for fellowship and conferences to listen , the program should aim at bringing people to repentance and faith in the gospel, to grow in Christ.