Five Fold Ministry

The Fingers of the hand symbolically represent the five fold ministry that God sets up within the Church.

The Apostle represents the thumb. The thumb can touch the palm and all the other fingers. The Apostle is called and sent by the spirit of God to build the church.

The Prophet represents the forefinger. He is the mouth piece of God and operates in powerful revelation through the spirit of God.

The Evangelist represents the middle finger. He can reach out to the lost people and draw them into the palm of the hand or the church.

The Pastor represents the ring finger. It points to the church as the bride of Christ. The pastor must take care of the sheep and prepare them to become the bride of Christ.

The teacher represents the smallest finger. But it is also a powerful ministry. Only the teacher can bring back those who are falling out of the palm of the hand.

The whole hand does not work in isolation but as a combined unit lead by the Holy Spirit. The Whole Hand Feeds, Cares for and Washes the Entire Body.