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Mission trips may not be available or appealing to all students but the outreach events certainly are. Outreach is a chance for Christian youth to reach out to their own communities to be a good example of Christ. Some outreach events involve witnessing to people, while others are forms of service that have very little preaching involved. Every youth group should have some sort of regular outreach to teach others how to give back to the world around them..

Bible Studies

The regular services help to feed Christians, but a Bible study is a great way to help Christian teens to grow in their faith and become mature holy christians about the things they believe. However, there is a lot of planning required to run a long lasting Bible study. It starts with effective planning and involves choosing topics, doctrines, activities, and even the right Bible for your group.


No youth group is complete and effective in community welfare without good leadership quality. While many leaders may be called to youth leadership, it takes hard work to be an effective youth leader. Youth workers make an investment in discipling students and taking time to support Christian youth in their development and growth.