Dr: Thomas George, a communicator of the Word of God, was born on 24th August 1966, into a family of evangelists in Cochin. He belongs to Marthoma Church (an evangelical Church)in Kerala .His father , Mr.M.C.George is also an evangelist and is involved in various Christian activities.

Thomas began his preaching ministry at the age of 20,after he graduated from the Gandhiji University. He then took his masters degree in commerce in 1990 from the university of Kerala , and became a lecturer in a Christian College .In 1994 he resigned the job and went for theological studies. In 1997, he earned his Masters in Christian studies from Discipleship Training Centre, Singapore and then received his Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) from International institute of Church Management, Chennai, India . he was also awarded Doctor of Philosophy in religious studies (Ph.D.) from International University of Contemporary studies , Washington D.C.,U.S.A. for his dissertation work titled - Principles from the preaching of Peter and Paul and their application to the ministry in contemporary Kerala.